Ever tried to get an electrician in an emergency?

Why do electrical systems fail?

Like everything else electrical equipment and components deteriorate overtime, even with our best intentions to maintain it. These faults are not always noticeable or detected by conventional methods contained in routine maintenance or periodic inspections. For instance joints and connectors may become loose or oxidise and insulating properties have degraded. This could be caused by general aging, environmental conditions or the current system may be subject to excessive loading or imbalances of electrical loads within the system, because of changes in demand.

What are the risks?

  • Poor customer satisfaction.
  • Increased downtime due to equipment failure.
  • Higher repair costs.
  • Greater risk of electrical fires.
  • Protection of your assets.
  • Inflated insurance premiums (in some cases).

What is the solution?

Mabi Services can provide a cost effective method of protecting your business’s assets, giving you peace of mind. How? By identifying excessive heat loss in the system with the aid of thermal imaging. This form of inspection provides an effective method of fault diagnosis that offers minimal interference to the operation of the business. The outcome allows the customer to schedule and budget for the remedial action, hence reducing costs and downtime.

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