Does your site have the required information to save lives?

Fire is one of many potential hazards to buildings and the workplaces. Therefore having the correct plan and procedure in place not only keeps your permanent staff, residents and tenants safe, they also provide valuable information for temporary staff and visitors.

The evacuation plan should illustrate all the following fire safety reference points;

  • Each exit of the building.
  • The location of manually operated fire alarms (e.g. break glass alarms).
  • The location of any fire fighting equipment in the building (e.g. fire extinguishers and hose reels).
  • The designated assembly area outside the building.
  • The main route from each alternate exit route to the assembly area.

Whereas an evacuation procedure describes the process of operating any of the equipment and what actions should be undertaken in the event of a fire or hazardous emergency. For instance;

  • How to operate or raise alarm.
  • How to notify the appropriate fire or emergency service.
  • How to alert the persons responsible for evacuation.
  • Ensure that the locations of any immobile persons are reported.

What is the solution?

Through site visits to locate alarm systems, egress other safety measures, Mabi will prepare your plan and procedures based on your specific requirements. Diagrams will include site specific Emergency Response Procedures and where required a separate Evacuation Assembly Area Diagram. Mabi Services can prepare an "Evacuation Plan and / or Procedure" on your building that fully complies with AS3745.

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