Essential Safety Measures

Essential Safety Measures (ESM’s) are the life and fire safety systems necessary for
commercial, industrial and public buildings. Maintenance is vital for the life, safety and health of occupants over a building’s lifetime. Under Building Regulations 2006 owners have an obligation to ensure that;

  • ESM’s are Inspected, maintained and repaired in accordance with the required standards.
  • Record the maintenance inspections of the essential safety measures.
  • Prepare an Annual Essential Safety Measures (AESM) Report.

Essential safety measures can be described as either active which includes fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, air conditioning exit lights, emergency lights or passive devices such as paths of travel, exit doors, fire rated elements to name a few.

Non-Compliance Risks

  • Can place building occupants, passers-by and the occupants of adjoining buildings at risk.
  • Infringement notice issued by Council or the Fire Brigade up to $1000.
  • Prosecution and fines may be imposed of $10,000 for an individual or $50,000 for companies for each breach of the Regulations.

What is the solution?

Mabi Services Essential Safety Measures Inspection include:

  • Review maintenance documentation onsite to determine if ESM’s are being maintained in accordance with the applicable standards.
  • Inspect the property for any obstructions and code related ESM’s.
  • Issue a compliance report that will describe any non- conformance's in a manner that the owner or manager responsible can take swift corrective action.
  • If required provide a cabinet provided to keep and maintenance records, Essential Safety Measures Manual and Logbooks in a readily identifiable, secure and lockable location.

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