Building Condition Reports

Owners and managers may require advice from time to time on the general condition of a building in order to schedule future maintenance works or ensure the quality of workmanship.

New Buildings

As buildings near completion, Owners / Managers may require a Building Condition Report to determine the levels of workmanship and ensure specifications are met by the builder / developer. A Building Condition Report carried out before the builders have completely left site may save both time and money as many minor issues can be dealt with straight away ensuring the owners’ investment is protected and all standards are met.

Existing Buildings

Buildings that have been neglected and left without regular maintenance may often benefit from an experienced eye to identify any resulting damage.

A Building Condition Report highlights any issues such as building defects, poor workmanship and potential hazards that require rectification in order to maintain the property in a good and safe working order.

Building Condition Report identifies issues in accordance with the following list;

  • Common area condition & defects report
  • Installations as per specifications
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Potentials Hazards
  • Rectification Cost Estimates
  • Inspection of Builders Final Clean

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