Why is asbestos an issue?

Asbestos became a popular material in the 1940’s because of its thermal, electrical and fire resistance properties to name a few. For that reason some 3000 products have been utilised in the building industry and can be found in fences, roofing, building insulation, wall sheeting, vinyl floor tiles, meter boards and lagging on pipes.

Asbestos is a publicly recognised material that it is known for causing severe respiratory problems and various forms of cancer. As asbestos has no odour and is mostly invisible to the naked eye in the fibrous form, exposure can occur without the individual realising it. Consequently between it’s wide spread usage, innate properties and its side effects makes asbestos an extremely hazardous material to the community.

Although asbestos materials were largely banned in 1989, it is believed that buildings constructed after 1990 may still contain asbestos containing products. Therefore workers and the community are still at risk.

How to manage the risk?

  • Identify all asbestos related products in the workplace.
  • Assess the risks associated with these products.
  • Implement control measures to prevent the exposure to airborne asbestos fibres.

What is the solution?

Engage Mabi Services to review your relevant asbestos legislation requirements and undertake an inspection of the building or workplace. The inspection and report will provide identification of any visible forms of asbestos containing materials and their associated risks.

If asbestos is not suspected in the building or workplace no further action is required. However if there is asbestos suspected, it is recommended that an Asbestos Management Plan is put in place to control the risk of exposure to employees, contractors and the community.

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