Mabi Services will conduct a full site inspection, including liaising with owners onsite and prepare a 10 year maintenance plan and budget for your building that will fully comply with the Owners Corporation Act 2006.

Our Maintenance Plan will provide a list of major capital items that require anticipated repairs and replacement over the next 10 years, including current estimated repair costs and allowance for inflation on future works. 

The report includes: 

·         A Ten Year Maintenance Plan Budget compliant to Part 3 - Division 3 Owners Corporations Act 2006;
·         A current condition report of items listed, including a forecast of life expectancy;
·         A budget table listing recommended anticipated accrual of levies against the anticipated expenses  for the next 10 years;
·         A first year lot liability breakdown for the accrual of levies, as per the registered Plan of Subdivision; 

We recommend that a re-inspection is carried out around 5 years into the plan to assess the actual expenditure against predicted maintenance along with a follow up condition assessment of the entire property. 


For further information regarding Maintenance Plans contact Mabi Services on 1300 762 295 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .