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Below are our services

Building condition Report

Identify building defects or the required maintenance works on your sites. General Defect Reports/Defect Liability Periods / Repairs & Maintenance of Common Property


Long Term Maintenance Plans

Ensure funds are collected proactively to repair and maintain your common property. Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Amendments Act 2021.


Insurance Valuations

Make sure your building is adequately insured, our insurance valuation will provide current policy advise. Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Amendments Act 2021.

Building C Report-modified

Annual Essential Safety Measures

Ensure all your Essential Safety Measures are operational and compliant. Building Regulations 2018.


Asbestos Registers

Don’t risk it, identify any hazardous Asbestos Containing Materials within your building and set up your Asbestos Register now. Occupational Health & Safety Act (Vic) 2004.

Evac diagrams

Evacuation Diagrams

Clear and concise evacuation diagrams as per the requirements of AS3745. AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.


Safety Reports

Identify and reduce hazards within and around your buildings. Occupational Health & Safety Act (Vic) 2004.

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